October 30, 2017

Google AdWords Campaigns (PPC)

Utilizing Google AdWords or Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Kansas City PPC for your business can be a great marketing investment depending on your industry, target market, and industry competitiveness. Google is constantly making search engine changes to try to drive more people to click on the paid search section, with the secondary goal of not harming the user experience in the process.

Local Google AdWords Campaign Management for Kansas City Businesses

Our team is 100% Google AdWords Certified and although Google Adwords, and the industry of Pay-Per-Click, can be an investment, we work with your local Kansas City business to help optimize and strategize the most effective terms to target on Google and ways to improve your ads Quality Score, which decreases your cost-per-click and can save you a lot of money in the long run.

We generally recommend setting a feasible monthly budget that you are more than comfortable with investing, and starting on the low-end if you have a general investment range in mind. This allows us to test different ads and target different keyword phrases to help you get website traffic and more qualified customers in front of your business in a fairly short amount of time, especially company to other search engine strategies like SEO.

Google Adwords (SEM) Logo

The Difference Between Google Organic Search (SEO) and Google AdWords (SEM)

While there are conflicting opinions throughout the online marketing of which is better for utilizing Google search traffic to generate leads and customers, the difference is pretty simple. Organic Search listings are non-paid for, natural listings that show up based on Google’s algorithm and a website’s supposed trustworthiness and relevancy towards a specific search query, these listings normally appear below the paid listings and can consist of a Google Maps section 3-Pack and around 10 listings per page on Google.

Google Serp Result 2017

Google AdWords, or Paid Search listings, appear at the top and occasionally on the bottom of Google Search Result Pages, also known as SERPs. They show up based on a bidding algorithm through Google AdWords and are most commonly on a cost-per-click basis. It is important to know that paid search listings are, for the most part, constantly rotating in and out, and although a business can appear at the top of a SERP through paid search for one user, they may not be in that same position, or even there at all, for the next person who conducts the exact same search query later that day or later that week.

A great free tool that is provided by Google for finding out the average monthly search volumesĀ for a particular phrase or word is the Google Keyword Planner! It is our professional opinion at SEO Services KC that effectively executed Kansas City SEO (Organic Search) and SEM can work together to be a very effective strategy for a business, and that SEM with Google Adwords can be a great supplement to a business’ website traffic while search engine optimization efforts are gaining traction.

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