January 10, 2018

Digital Marketing & Online Advertising

The Kansas City digital marketing landscape can be hard to navigate, especially for a local business.

Our team at SEO Services KC works with you to help your business shine and stand out online! One strategy never works for every type of business, nor for every area and part of the KC metro. As an online marketing consultant, we look at what type of business you have, what areas in Kansas City you want to service (such as Overland Park, Lees Summit, Olathe, Blue Springs, Lenexa, North KC, or all of the above), who your ideal local customer is, and what services or products you offer that you want to focus your digital marketing efforts on.

Digital Marketing in Kansas City, MO

Looking at these factors, we determine which digital marketing approach or combination of approaches, is going to work best for your company. We specialize in the following digital advertising services in the Kansas City metro, and are born-and-raised KC locals ourselves.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Search Marketing OptimizationSEO is the process of getting Google and other search engines to view your website as a relevant and authoritative source for search queries you want to target (such as ” your service” + Kansas City”). This is done through a monthly combination of technical optimizations to the coding and performance of your website, on-site optimization to the readable content on your website, and quality link building efforts. SEO is vital for gaining organic website traffic and organic leads from your website and is our #1 recommended long-term online marketing strategy.

All of our Kansas City search engine optimization work is done locally, in-house, and we do not use any third-parties or outsource any SEO work that is completed for your company. This means we are able to not only control the quantity and the quality of the SEO work being done for your website and business, but we are also able to keep our monthly SEO rates affordable for most local business owners in the KC metro area, and sometimes even under half the investment of what our competitors would charge for a similar Search Engine Optimization package.

PPC (Google Adwords Campaigns)

PPC campaigns and Google Adwords have the same goal as SEO, (getting your business to show up on relevant searches done by potential customers looking for your product or service) but has a different method. You essentially pay for bidding against other ads for the ad space on Google, which generally appears in the top 3-4 listings on a search engine. These listings are usually indicated by a small box with “Ad” in it.

Kansas City PPC AdvertisingThis is an extremely effective way to market if you are working with a certified Google AdWords professional, and can also get faster results and web traffic than SEO, although you do always have to pay each time someone clicks on your ad. Our Kansas City team at SEO Services KC is 100% Google AdWords Certified and although Pay-Per-Click in Kansas City can be an larger investment for a local company, we work with your local Kansas City business to help optimize your Campaign with the most effective terms to target on Google, and optimize your individual ads for higher Click-Through Rates, which over time decreases your cost-per-click and gets you more results for the same amount of investment!

We generally recommend setting a feasible monthly Google AdWords budget that you are comfortable with investing, we can also provide you a recommended monthly PPC quote of what our team sees your competitors investing to get results. Starting with a smaller budget initially is actually recommended by Google, and this allows us to test different ads and target different keyword phrases to help you get website traffic and more qualified customers in front of your business in a fairly short amount of time. Ads can usually be live and online in 3-5 business days.

Social Media Management

At SEO Services KC, we also offer social media management packages that vary from 1 post/week to 10 post/week, and we are locally competent in effectively utilizing business pages that are on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, YouTube, and Instagram. Some social media platforms are better for certain types of businesses and certain types of content, so we work with you and your goals to craft an effective Kansas City social media marketing strategy that increases your brand awareness, company PR, and local KC leads. We accomplish this by using effective posting strategies, social boosting, and effective social media platform ads.

Utilizing social media to engage and connect with your current and potential new customers is definitely a long-term strategy for your business success and can take time to get profitable traction. It can get great results in promoting local events or specials that your business is having, as well as sharing your blog or video content. When it comes to Kansas City digital marketing consulting, we can help you determine what level of priority social media should have in your overall online advertising strategy, and how to best utilize your different social platform pages.

KC Social Media Marketing

If you are wanting to take your Kansas City digital marketing to the next level and find out what is going to get you the best results for your company moving forward, fill out the contact form below or contact us at 816-808-3500 today.